With over 20 years’ experience, Business Strategy & Analysis offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance on business analysis and change management. Developed in a range of industries including retail, financial services and public sector, that experience covers setting up a business analysis team, adapting methodologies and defining deliverables that business analysts produce. Business Strategy & Analysis can also help with selecting and implementing CASE tools, use and adaptation of notation such as UML , developing business strategy through business modelling and target operating models and developing process diagrams and use cases to promote shared understanding and continuous improvement of the business analysis practice.

Business strategy and analysis are disciplines that most organisations realise they need but are not so clear on what it involves and where it fits within their wider corporate or change management practice. Business analysis is a specialist role however all too often companies promote candidates without any training and experience and yet expect consistent and effective delivery. Developing a target operating model, how the UML helps deliver shared understanding, what role requirements management plays and how it might effectively be achieved are just some of the areas in which a business analyst may provide guidance to an organisation and enable delivery of successful change programs.

The business analyst needs to be equipped not only with the necessary technical skills but also needs the experience to understand what will work when. It is vital the analyst role fits within an organisation’s change management function. It’s not a one size fits all discipline and the business analyst must demonstrate and realise value – be that validating a project is delivering against the business strategy or developing coherent and consistent business processes models.

The need for business analysis and significance of the role is well documented. It is important that business analyst professionals show how an organisation benefits from a well-run, integrated and continually improving business analysis practice.

Business Strategy & Analysis promotes excellence in the field of business analysis, delivering expertise on individual projects, helping build in-house capability or through consultancy services.